Mythyrox offers a nutritional support for conditions where thyroid functions may not be optimal.

The supplementation with Myo-Inositol and selenium in combination may restore optimal thyroid
functions as well as improve wellbeing. (See article)
Thyroid Stimulation Hormone (TSH) requires a secondary messenger pathway (IP, PIP, PIP 2 & PIP3) to convey the specific message from the receptor across the cell membrane into the cell.
Myo-Inositol is an integral part of such a secondary messenger pathway and a deficiency may stop or minimize the effectiveness of the above hormone despite normal or high levels of TSH. It is possible to increase the thyroid sensitivity to TSH by increasing the availability of Myo-Inositol.

An increase in antibodies that is aimed at preventing the thyroid from optimal function, may be
caused by deficiency of Selenium. By increasing the availability of Selenium, it is possible to improve the key actors in regulating the immune system

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