IVF Success Rates In South Africa

In vitro fertilisation (IVF) is the use of artificial insemination or fertilisation outside a woman’s body.

Your chances of becoming pregnant using IVF increase when the female partner does not have functional fallopian tubes. The fertilised egg is transferred directly into her uterus. In vitro fertilisation may also be used to overcome male infertility, and in other cases where all other approaches to fertility have failed.

Each clinic has different IVF success rates in South Africa. This is largely because most clinics don’t publish their success rates and some of the key factors include maternal age, cause of infertility and treatment protocol used. So it is important to see a fertility specialist at a clinic you are interested in to find out what their success rates are.

Some clinics have higher success rates than others, but even with a low percentage it may still be worth trying with your particular condition.

The success rates of IVF vary from clinic to clinic.

The most effective way to find out how a clinic can help you reach your goal is by contacting a fertility expert directly and asking about their success rates for each specific treatment. That way you can get advice tailored to your personal needs.

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