Yes, It’s Possible To Enjoy A Satisfying Sex Life At EVERY Stage Of Life

Yes, It’s Possible To Enjoy A Satisfying Sex Life At EVERY Stage Of Life

Nothing stays the same forever. It’s just the way of life and it’s usually a good thing. Can you imagine still wearing that fringe you cut in your early twenties? Still, our evolution affects everything, including the way we experience intimacy. Much of this has to do with how our hormones change as we head into menopause – the commencement of our menstrual cycle. While this change of life is marked by physical symptoms such as those infamous hot flushes, many women will also experience a lower sex drive, vaginal dryness and painful sex.

Still, this isn’t the only time we experience a sexual shift. We also have perimenopause to deal with – the slow, creeping transition into menopause that simply isn’t talked about enough. It usually starts in your 40s but many women begin to experience it in their 30s. The symptoms include fatigue, mood swings and trouble sleeping – things most women trying to crush it in the workspace or raise children would assume were par for the course.

But there are other signs too. These include a lower sex drive and the kind of vaginal dryness that could make having sex uncomfortable or impossible without lubricant. In fact, desire and arousal phase disorders are the most common sexual problems for ANY women and up to 63% of them complain of at least one of them. But again, many women are slow to talk about these more intimate symptoms and most simply write off as a side effect of their crazy-busy lifestyle, not realising it’s actually part of a life stage and there’s a lot you can do to improve it.

Enter Lady Prelox

At Lamelle Research Laboratories, we know that women want more – especially when it comes to the six domains of sexual function – desire, arousal, lubrication, orgasms, satisfaction and no pain. While women are quick to tell us that sexual satisfaction is the most important, we understand you need to tick the other boxes to feel truly satisfied.

This is why we developed Lady Prelox – a patented female intimacy supplement.

The first evidence-based female sexual function formula, Lady Prelox is proven to be efficacious in hundreds of women in 3 clinical trials. These were performed using the Female Sexual Function Index (FSFI), a globally- recognised self-assessment test that evaluates all six of the domains. The studies also didn’t just involve one type of women. They covered those that were pre-menopausal and peri-menopausal as well as post- menopausal and the results were outstanding for every single group.

In the pre-menopausal group, supplementation with Lady Prelox improved their overall FSFI scores within just four weeks. Those in the peri-menopausal group benefitted magnificently too. In fact, their total FSFI score
improved by 60% after a month and 70% after two months! Lady Prelox also made a dramatic difference to those in the postmenopausal group, improving their FSFI score in all six domains. Better yet, Lady Prelox increased this group’s reaching orgasm domain by a whopping 71% within just four weeks. What’s not to love?

Get the intimacy you deserve

When you have everything to gain, don’t settle. Life is busy and complicated, and many things can negatively
affect how you experience intimacy – from deadlines and screaming babies to the natural changes we all
experience at the hands of time. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Take the FSFI test for yourself over here. If you’re not hitting the high scores the way you’d like to, consider Lady Prelox. It’s clinically proven to enhance your desire, pleasure and comfort so you can enjoy the intimacy you deserve – at every stage of life.

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